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Bow Tie Newb

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Good day everybody

I'm newish to the Cruze community. I purchased my 2014 1.8 L Cruze LS Manual a little over a year ago. I consider myself a dumb car guy. I know enough that I don't have to take my car to the garage for everything but not enough to consider myself a car guy. My passion and hobby for cars started at a young age, Gone In Sixty Seconds, the Nicolas Cage one though. I haven't modified my car yet, playing safe and waiting for the warranty to run out, but I have plans and would like to share them with everyone once I start to modify her. I've been hanging on the edges of the forums for about a week now and decided to finally jump in on conversations. I hope my limited knowledge can help the less knowledgeable and I'm always open to learning more and suggestions.

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Well at least a bow tie won't get caught in a fan and nobody can grab it and lead you around like a dog. This suit bit was BS, showed up to work one day in blue jeans, was criticized for a bit, but just replied, here to work, not for a fashion show.

Never was easy getting grease out of a white shirt, some crazy thing about being an engineer, I am superior to you blue collar workers. We all had a job to do. Ha, wasn't long that all the good engineers came to work wearing blue jeans, only the engineers that thought the world owed them a living because the fell asleep during a differential equations course wore a suit. But when lay off time came, they were the first to go. Shame this didn't affect the executives.

Yeah, I put mods in my Cruze, rubber floor mats, sill plates, side moldings, fog lamps, things that Chevy should have installed in the first place. Both for protection and safety.
Welcome to the forum.

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