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Brake Discs Worn Out Already?

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Newbie and total novice here looking for some advice.

I took my LS 2011 for an interim service on Saturday and was shocked to be told that my front brake discs are dangerously worn andneeded replacing along with new pads, to the tune of £350.

Now my car is rarely driven, only atweekends and hasn’t even reached 20k miles so I was a bit suspicious. and so googled it when I got home and foundout that this garage have a reputation for mis-selling brake discs and pads tounsuspecting customers.

The guy said that they had worn down to24.5mm when they shouldn’t be thinner than 26mm. Can someone help me? Is it possible that this has happened aftersuch a low mileage, and if so, am I crazy to drive it a bit longer. I can’t afford that much money beforeChristmas and don’t have any problems with the brakes at all.

I think he just saw a woman coming in andis trying to pull a fast one, but obviously won’t take a chance if it’s asdangerous as he was saying.

Any advice welcome!
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If your brakes are working OK, not jerking, pulling left or right not making load squealing noises, I would not worry about them at 20,000 miles. You could always take your car to a highly rated shop for another opinion for piece of mind. Just remember all shops make money by replacing parts and who can argue brand new parts aren't better than old parts even if they are not really needed..
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