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This is all taken from the web:

Warning Sign Indicators

Squealing A high pitched noise that occurs regularly when the brakes are applied

Fading A nonresponsive or "sinking" brake that indicates a leak in the system

Pulling Vehicle pulls to one side when the brake is applied indicating uneven wearing of the brake pads or foreign matter in the brake fluid

Grinding or growling
A loud metallic sound indicating pads that are completely worn down and are scratching or scoring the rotors

Vibration A pulsation felt when the brake is applied; if felt in the pedal and steering wheel, it is the front brakes; if felt in the seat and pedal, it is the rear brakes

Tire Auto part Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Wheel
Auto part Wheel Disc brake Tire Vehicle brake
Disc brake Auto part Vehicle brake Brake Tire
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Automotive wheel system

These are the worst rotor pictures I could find (except the explanation one). Have your mechanic show you the issue. And always get a second opinion if you are not sure.
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