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So recently, I found the brake lights (all three) flickering while depressing the brake at early point of travel (at start or end of braking. When pedal was further pressed beyond this early position, brake lights stay on as they should. I had no codes and suspected the pedal position sensor switch was likely the culprit. I ordered a new AC Delco part on Amazon AC Delco 13579089 for $8 which arrived within a day. The procedure to swapout was good to follow with the following posted video with 2011 Cruze like mine:
I have no idea how the owner (Bullet Solano) was able to film this as I barely could shed light and reach up yet alone get my camera phone positioned to add footage. I'm very appreciative for it as it gave me the confidence to do this work on my own.

I chose not to disconnect the battery first but started by disconnecting the electrical cable to the sensor by squeezing the retaining tab. it's truly a very difficult reach with laying on back with feet up by headrest and carefully reaching ratchet inside to position 9/32 socket over the bolt head and slowly (few clicks at a time) loosen the mounting bolt. As the ratchet frequently came off and the bolt must have some corrosion, it took nearly 20 minutes of gradual turns and then search to find bolt inside socket! Once part was loose, it dropped out and bolt with washer stayed in hole as I did not think I could find it with difficult reach. However, with installing new switch, I accidentally bumped it out where it fell into cavity behind upholstery in front. After a 30 minute search after removing the plastic panels surrounding console and searching all cavities, I found the bolt. Be especially careful with trying to hold it in place with fingers from one hand while positioning the flange with threaded hole in fingers of other where aligning. Very patient process with contortionist yet finally, success. From here, I was able to thread bolt onto new part all but final turn or two with fingers! The ratchet fully tightened it snug (without being able to verify with torque wrench) as I had found old switch. the electrical connector easily snapped back in and with all tested, the brake lights now operate as they should without any flicker!

So as all worked, thankfully, NO calibration was required involving reprogramming with BCM as I would have to go in for professional help. On a scale of 1 to 5, it was a 4.5 for me given the extreme contortion my hands and fingers while totally upside down for a few hours. Even though nothing had to be removed except the cable and single bolt on this otherwise simple part.
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