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Brake Vacuum Boost valve leaking

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Just left the dealer and was informed the reason of my loss of braking power is due to the brake vacuum boost valve leaking. Apparently this is not the same as the brake recall but really only started happening after having the brake recall done. Now because I am 7000km out of warranty the fix will not be covered by recall or warranty. Would this be an easy fix? because the dealer wants to charge an arm and a leg to do this repair!:angry:
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I just literally had this fixed on my car a couple weeks ago. Causes a high frequency pitch when your driving and your brake pedal is solid when the car is off? Mine was under warrenty tho,
i have done quite a few of these they only pay 0.4 and are very easy. It shouldnt cost more than 100$
Old thread but I just replaced mine myself it's a 10 min job.
I got new solenoid For 7 bucks on Amazon. I think it's 25 regular and it's a different part number the fact
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