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Brand new 2015 Cruz diesel, a few questions

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Hello and thank you to those who have posted the "good, bad, and the ugly" about the Cruz diesel. After reading many posts I made my purchase. The 2015's were really discounted over $6000 plus a great trade in. The dealer really rushed the delivery and did a poor job. At delivery I was told the second key did not work, and they ordered a new one. Got home and the owners manual told me 87 octane, and dexo1 was the oil!! lol I got a manual for a limited. The fuel tank was empty, a recall is still pending, all tires low, onstar not set up, siriusXM not set up. Will deal with the manager on monday. I am very experienced with diesel emissions on class 8 trucks. The DEF pump failed on my mack, and I had 15 KM to go before I was traveling at 4mph. lol First question is how do you know how much DEF you actually have? The display tells me "DEF OK" but no actual quantity. I want to make sure that it is at least filled on delivery. How do you know how full the particulate filter is, and when a regen is about to happen. Again, thanks to those who have posted answers to most of my questions before I purchased the car.
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The DEF tank is handily designed to hold enough fluid to easily last through the life of an oil change (6-8K miles?). In theory, it should be really handy since the dealer can just fill it up every time the oil is changed and the DEF fluid IS included in the new car maintenance plan. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any of the 3 dealers I have tried to reliably fill the darn thing. Most often they toss a single gallon in and move on. Other times they forget even though I mention it explicitly when dropping the vehicle off. If they would do the job for me I'd gladly pay the dealer price for DEF which is higher than truck stops etc but in my experience they are so hit and miss with it that I'm doing it myself now that the free maintenance is done.

As others have mentioned, you have no indication how much fluid is actually in there until it is down to 35% but that is still way over 1000 miles (maybe 2000) so it isn't likely to be a big issue.

Hope your car serves you well.
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