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I'm heading to the dealer in the morning once I get off work. I'm basically going to tell them that I want another car and that I don't feel comfortable driving a car that had a major problem within the first 30 miles and that IDK what else could go wrong with the car. What do you guys think? Is this too much to ask for?
No definitely not. I would think that could have happened on a test drive and do you think they would have said: "You broke it you buy it". I am sure they will check the car to see if it is something you could have done to it like hit a curb or something that would have caused such a problem. They may not upgrade you to the next trim level but they should honor your request for a different car esp with so few miles and short of time frame. I would definitely call GM customer service esp if they give you any crap or won't listen. Customer service worked well by me and I had troubles with floor mats but they knew I was very disappointed. They gave me $100 for my troubles

Let us know how it comes out!!!
Good luck
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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