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I am a new Cruze owner, but I'm an experienced automotive tech and I have one important piece of advice for anyone who's reading this, and anyone who experiences a similar situation with any make and model of vehicle. If an engine has run low on oil (especially when new), it has been damaged. Period. The dealer should replace the faulty engine with a complely new long block when the vehicle has low mileage, but the service departments make better numbers ($) by performing repairs and making labor hours. The promised advice is this: don't notice the oil puddle ;). Drive it untill it seizes and destroys the engine completely. I know it sounds painful, but this way you'll get the entirely new engine you deserve, and not some patchwork repair-job with scored internals from oil starvation, that may or may not run properly through the rest of the warranty period. They can't deny you warranty coverage. Just go out on the freeway, blow it up, then call roadside assistance and play dumb. Trust me you'll be way better off in the long run.
Honestly, you sound like all the other "experienced automotive techs" I worked with in oil change/tire shops over a 5-6 year period during high school and college.

A couple points:

1. An engine that has been run low on oil is not necessarily damaged beyond repair. If you were truly "experienced" you would have also seen the MILLIONS of vehicles on the road today with upwards of 100-200 THOUSAND miles on the clock whose owners truly do not care about automotive maintenance and run them low on oil for months at a time before getting the oil changed at the local Jiffy Lube and repeating the process.

2. If you negligently "don't notice" the oil puddle under your car and keep driving until the engine completely runs out of oil and grenades itself on the freeway, you would be extremely naive to think the dealership service department is going to blindly assume it just happened overnight and happily replace your engine at no charge. Contrary to what you say, the CAN and WILL deny your warranty coverage if you are negligent in maintaining your vehicle. At best, you would probably end up splitting the cost of the engine.

People like you are the reason the rest of us have so much trouble with dealerships when we need to legitimately cash in on our warranty when things go wrong.
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