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BRN Turbo upgrade, who has it

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Howdy all,
Kinda new here still. I just received my BNR tuner yesterday and sent my stock read for review. Anyhow, Iv'e searched around and haven't found much info, but has anyone done the BNR turbo upgrade? What are the gains from it alone? Will it work well with stock exhaust with just a hiflo cat?I'm not into loud exhaust anymore on a daily driver. I've done a stage 3+ upgrade before on my last car, but I did everything: turbo,fmic,custom intake,fuel pump & rail with return line, emanage,full exhaust ... the gains were crazy. Just looking for anyone who has done the upgrade.
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Scratch that, did a different search and found some answers. Also need to look at the difference between the vtuner's upgrade and BNR. Time for some home work :icon_scratch:

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