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Bsumpter's FI build

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Hey guys haven't posted in a while but figure I'd start a build page for my car. Hoping to get finished before Slamology this year. I'll try and update with pics as we progress.

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Few pics, subs are still being built. Hopefully see them soon, been over a month since I ordered. Plus a few more goodies on the way.


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Wow, you're really going all out! Haha

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No wall, box will be built in the trunk. Thanks
I am curious to see if anyone is running helper bags for the weight. She starts to squat when fully loaded. Have a friend with a Malibu running some made for a fusion I'm looking into.


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Juat wanted to give an update. Had to load the subs yesterday at Slamology 2016, didnt last but maybe 2 minutes before the windshield went. If you find me on Facebook there are some pics and vids. Ill try and update this post as soon as i can. Thanks


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so you did turn it down for wat :) the only 2 things I can think of is awesome :) & that sucks :( all in one
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