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Actually im looking for help in that department, i wanted to go higher pressure fuel pump instead of #52 or #60 EV14
If i've seen a few modded pumps to fit in the cruze tank, but im still holding out for a plug and play one.
Any recommendations?

Also need a tune that can accurately meter air over 22/lb min to break my 220hp limit. I can throw $1500 at it and get a typhoon intake , bigger injectors and EFI live tune, but i'm looking to use HP tuners + upgraded fuel pump + stock diameter intake for accurate MAF readings to get over 220 WHP.
One of our mods over on the Facebook side is running a BNR GTX turbo, forged pistons, stiffer valve springs, and e85. He's capped at 220whp because the fuel pump can't keep up. I believe a few people are experimenting with a plug n play fuel pump from a different application, may have been the ATS? I don't remember exactly, but long story short, I have no solution, and I was hoping you would, since the community could sure use one. With those reworked turbos, these cars are easily capable of 250whp, but we can't supply the fuel to do it.

As for the tune, Jerry @ BNR has done more with this platform than I've seen anyone else do, and is in my opinion the best tuner we have available. He can tune remotely via EFILive or HPTuners. It wouldn't hurt to have a chat with him if you haven't already.

Get a bigger filter for that K&N intake; you're going to need it. There's a huge Injen EA filter available that will fit that intake.

I'll be watching this build thread closely and will help in any way I can.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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