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Ran some seafoam spary through the intake track, loosened up the oil and cleared it out. Cleaned some tubing by hand and tired it again, its is now apparent that im losing oil on the compressor side of the turbo (turbonetics 11038 ball bearing)

Its losing about a cup every 1000 miles which is pretty annoying. I just ordered an oil pressure gauge and am going to check crank case pressures and oil pressures. Considering how im leaking i figure it would be to much oil drian back pressure or to much pressure feeding into the turbo.

Inspecting the turbo by hand i cant see any play in the shaft or anything else funky. If my pressures are all normal i'll get the turbo rebuilt.

Can confirm oil is from turbo, catch can and pcv system are functioning normally and as expected. Getting an oz of oil every 1000 miles in the catch can.
My first thought was that it might be possible that the stock PCV system tubing is completely inadequate at high boost when running the probably slightly looser forged pistons that the turbo drain line can't drain as quickly as it needs to because of positive pressure in the crankcase. We saw this happen on old, tired Volvo engines running bigger turbos. Solution was to put a larger diameter PCV pipe and hose fitting (very small diameter at the turbo intake for some reason) on the inlet side of the turbo.

Otoh, it seems like you mostly have issues around idle though, which is stranger.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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