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Building The Cruzen2.0

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My 2012 ECO MT has been named "Cruzen" so this is the build of "Cruzen2.0"
My ECO is worth too much to do all these modifications to it.
I WILL build the first(?) 2.0t 6MT CRUZE!

2014 Buick Verano Premium, 2.0T, 6MT, 17k miles, salvage- runs/drives, $3k (PURCHASED)
2012 Chevy Cruze LS, 1.8L, 6MT, 195k miles, bad clutch, $3k (PENDING AS OF 5/30/18)

The Buick was delivered today (5/30/18) and this it the first bit of prep so I could find out what replacement parts I needed to buy.

As Delivered
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Compact car

After removal of front crash bar and upper rad support (and hood)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive exterior

Messed up rads. No leaks tho, AC still blows cold! Only part not usable or the same with the recipient Cruze is the main engine radiator
Radiator Vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part

Vehicle Auto part Tire Automotive tire Car

As of now the wheels haven't fallen off the project, but they did have to come off the car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Collision Mid-size car

Tire Alloy wheel Spoke Wheel Rim

Alloy wheel Tire Rim Wheel Spoke

The wheels I will be using from now on (including the final look) will be 17x7 5x115 from a 2012 Equinox with 225/50/r16 tires to look stock and be the same size as the factory Cruze ones while fitting the Buick hubs and not saying "BUICK" on them.

Something like this
Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Spoke Auto part

Updates will come as I make progress
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Decklid (assembly), headlights, taillights, and rh mirror.


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I'm glad this car is local - maybe I'll see it driving around at some point, once it is done!
No pictures of todays progress, mainly because it almost looks like I havent done anything to it. Spent most of the time working on it today modifying the wire harnesses to make up for the "small" diffrences between the cars. Mostly that involved relocating some of the connections behind the dash and figuring out how to make the lights actually plug in to the verano harness. There are quite a few "minor" differences between the "sister" cars, mostly where and how things are wired, hooked up, attached, mounted, or shaped.

TLDR; Cars not identical, problems ensue, fix problem, scream, fix next problem, car should drive by end of week. (fingers crossed)
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D*mn near every possible warning light and error message is on right now, and the exhaust isn't connected, but all these things shall be taken care of in time.
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Moved under its own power, still needs driver headlight and rear lights wired, and the brakes need re-bleeding, and then theres the problem of at least 2 broken fittings for the vacuum lines to the power brakes.... But Movement!
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A little movement is still movement - great work!
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I would hope to see the 2.0 at Lordstown next year. This is going to be an interesting car to check out.
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You dont mess around, do you? Nice to hear the progress.
thebac, I'm 22 and my job doesnt really need me full time in the summer.

blasirl, I plan to be there

EDIT: The other reason for the expediency of this build is my own impatience as well as my experience with most of the activities involved in this mess I'm calling a car
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An update, I spent most of today working on the door wiring, all of it is now installed and some of it works! Not sure what problems are from just my own stupidity and what is just not working at all.

As of right now all four doors on the cruze have modified verano harnesses and the following is the status of their functionality.
Drivers window goes up and down properly
Rear driver window goes up and down but backwards
Neither passenger windows work
Only rear door speakers work
Have yet to test power mirrors
Need to take lock and latch from verano driver door and install in cruze so I have a key to it, this has been done to the other 3 doors already

Other things
Need to wire up driver headlight
Need to wire rear lights +camera
Bleed brakes again
Mount rear deck speakers
Finish reassembly of interior
Change park brake cables
And the rest is just cosmetic and reassembling the front end

So this is where the progress slows for a bit as I figure out what the h*ll I did wrong! And I'm waiting on parts anyways.
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DDM and PDM reprogrammed so Cruze BCM recognizes them?
I went with just swapping every wire and computer to avoid issues wherever possible, I may have damaged something, neglected a ground, or just gotten something connected wrong.

I shall figure it out in time, hopefully not too long though
More than likely a ground wire or repinning issue. You'll get it done.
This is awesome, I'm amazed at your progress and glad to see you thoroughly documenting it on here! Making a true Cruze SS haha.
Found it!
Passenger windows now working, both backwards. It was a missed ground.
It runs!
It drives!
It stops!
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LOL Congrats!
9 days

Nine days from the cruze shell rolling into the garage to a running driving vehicle.


Most of the remaining work is waiting on parts


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That's gotta be some kind of record.

I bet you it still drives less scary than when I took my Camaro out last Friday, haha.
9 days

Nine days from the cruze shell rolling into the garage to a running driving vehicle.


Most of the remaining work is waiting on parts
That’s incredible, that’s got to be a first in terms of a 2.0T swapped Cruze!

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