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Building The Cruzen2.0

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My 2012 ECO MT has been named "Cruzen" so this is the build of "Cruzen2.0"
My ECO is worth too much to do all these modifications to it.
I WILL build the first(?) 2.0t 6MT CRUZE!

2014 Buick Verano Premium, 2.0T, 6MT, 17k miles, salvage- runs/drives, $3k (PURCHASED)
2012 Chevy Cruze LS, 1.8L, 6MT, 195k miles, bad clutch, $3k (PENDING AS OF 5/30/18)

The Buick was delivered today (5/30/18) and this it the first bit of prep so I could find out what replacement parts I needed to buy.

As Delivered
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Compact car

After removal of front crash bar and upper rad support (and hood)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive exterior

Messed up rads. No leaks tho, AC still blows cold! Only part not usable or the same with the recipient Cruze is the main engine radiator
Radiator Vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part

Vehicle Auto part Tire Automotive tire Car

As of now the wheels haven't fallen off the project, but they did have to come off the car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Collision Mid-size car

Tire Alloy wheel Spoke Wheel Rim

Alloy wheel Tire Rim Wheel Spoke

The wheels I will be using from now on (including the final look) will be 17x7 5x115 from a 2012 Equinox with 225/50/r16 tires to look stock and be the same size as the factory Cruze ones while fitting the Buick hubs and not saying "BUICK" on them.

Something like this
Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Spoke Auto part

Updates will come as I make progress
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Got the condenser in, the bumper put togeather and on the car last night, I'll get a pic of it this evening. Still need to find some way of calibrating the steering sensor and finish some interior things like the radio controls and seat wiring. Also pulled the bent hood off my Eco last night and set it aside to get painted rattle-can black, picked up the replacement hood for the Eco this morning and it makes a heck of a difference.

First pic is of the Eco before I straightened the hood and made it a bit more ugly (but so it would close), seccond pic is it with the new hood. I'll get a pic of the red good this evening as well.

Probably going to stop and pick up a black rear bumper and move the sensor mounts from the buick part to the cruze part. I wanted to get one with the sensor mounts but they are hard-ish to come by as they only ever came with blind spot on the later cars and only the Ltz (I dont want an rs bumper).

EDIT: So there is no confusion, the red cruze is my Eco and NOT the 2.0 swapped one


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Got the start button installed in its final location, loose paint off hood, hood painted and installed, radio controls trimmed to fit in cruze dash, and mounts made for rear exhaust shields (my dad did that last one because he was bored)


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Got the car out for a test of the steering sensor calibration (still not right) and took some pics of it in the neighbors driveway.

Blasirl- plate bracket attaches to the car via one of the rear bumper crash bar bolts, then has a hole to bolt the buick heatshield mount to. The first pic is looking down on the drivers side of the bar, the second from underneath. In one pic in this post you can see the passenger side bracket peeking out from behind the crash bar

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper


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Still looking to find a set of stock ECO springs, local places all tell me thier databases dont distinguish between ECO and standard but do list the diesel and standard as sepparate after the 2014my (first my for diesel in NA) Not having much luck on eBay or Craigslist. If you have or know of someone that has a set please let me know.

Any assistance would be apreciated.
Taxman- LUJ/LUV (1.4T) is 250lbs dry, LHU (2.0T) is 310-330lbs dry, and the LUZ (diesel) is upwards of 380lbs dry.
The 6T40 is 180lbs incl fluid, the F40 is 125lbs, and the Asin trans is 200lbs

What I WAS beginning to look at was ECO front and 30mm lowering springs rear, thinking the extra weight in the nose should match them fairly well without dragging the front lip on the ground. At the same time I was also considering ECO springs with spacers in the front to lift it just enough to compensate for the extra 80lbs of heft (if it really looked that bad).

Then I looked up the weights of the transmissions and discovered the 2.0T + F40 is only max 25lbs heavier than the 1.4T + 6T40, my work toolbag weighs more than that and it sits in the passenger footwell more often than not (in my ECO), so the Auto ECO springs should work perfectly.

EDIT: upon further consideration, Maybe manual ECO driver and auto ECO passenger should keep the difference from stock corner weight about the same? to keep the front level? the M32 only weighs 92lbs putting an extra 30lb on the LF and 60+ on the passenger, so with time it should sag level?
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Thebac- That's probably because of the added weight from all the options and extra sound deadening the Buick has, but even before I tore apart the Buick it sat higher than I liked (may be due to living with my ECO the last year+) so I'd like to try matching that
Just an update of the financial situation of the project.

So far I've spent $8003 on this swap, using up my savings and then some, with another $500-ish still left in parts and services needed (eg. rear bumper & ac recharge). Hopefully I will be able to get some things sorted out in the next few weeks and get my bank account back to a less restrictive state. In the mean time there are still some things I can do on the car (I actually have a list) with the parts I have on hand, a few of them not requiring parts at all. In addition, I have a bunch of things I can put up for sale to help recover some of the costs I have incurred during the process of carrying out this fantastic project.
Accidentally got in contact with the guy in new york via instagram (I assume its the same guy, how many 2.0 swapps can there be?) seems like he will be successful from what we've conversed about so far
Finally got arround to taking a vid of the thing...

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Any of you wondering where I get it from...
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Truck

This is my dads project that WILL be done in time for the woodward dream cruise.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Classic car

It's a 1968 c10 that just arrived from Montana after months of sitting trapped in snow on a farm. It will receive a 700+hp 540 BBC and look just the way it does.

See, I got it from somewhere!
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Cruze title is finally on its way to me!
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Yes, there are things to be done on the car, but NO. It's hot, bugs, would rather wait for paycheck and... Motivation!
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As of yesterday I no longer have to look at the Buick shell sitting in my yard. Now it's the junk yard's problem!
Mp81- No, rear seats were damaged and the fronts might be going in my dads c10. I didnt want the extra weight of the power heated seats in the cruze either. The buick shell weighd in at 1900lb with no wheels
I plan to weigh Cruzen 2.0 soon, curious to know exactly how much difference there is from a cruze to a verano. Also, some time this week I shall get this pile titled, insured, registered and used to pay off the ECO so I can sell it soonish
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Looking to get $7k for the ECO (not the 2.0)
Just an update, due to my finances being low and now waiting on MI SOS, there has been a lack of progress (the heat and humidity don't help much either). For the SOS problem, I must wait for the MI title (in my name) for 2.0 to arrive before it can be on the road. I have, however, acquired a few more parts and hope to get some things done this weekend such as fitting the rear bumper and exhaust tips as well as final assembly and installation of the front bumper with the correct radiator baffles, lip, and lower bumper closing panel. To such end, I picked up most of said parts this afternoon in addition to the fasteners and clips to install both bumpers and the accompanying wheel arch plastics.
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Not sure about exhaust tips, just got the rear bumper and havent had it anywhere near the car yet. Ill find out tomorow.
In terms of funds, I've been looking for a project (and have had a few come and go, leaving me with slightly increased funds each time) for the last 5 years or so, with a full time job and relatively low expenses my reserves have grown rapidly in the past two years.

On the subject of not being "that guy" avoiding that title is the reason I didn't post anything till I had the Buick paid for and only started this thread after receiving the car.

Trying to make this thing a daily is helping to keep me interested in the completion of this project.

SOS said 2 weeks max

For a bit more background, this will be my 3rd engine swap (the first 2 were just direct replacements for dead ones), I'm into electronics so I've done a lot of "complex" wiring in the past both for personal projects and for work, and I just like having something to work on (even if individual tasks annoy me)

UPDATE: stock verano tips would probably require quite a bit of trimming
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@thebac - correct, I was refering to your post asking how the exhaust would interfere with the bumper. I was only partially correct, however some trim is still required. If you would be satisfied with only one tip, you could use a regular/base 2.4L Verano muffler and final section, then you could just flex the bumper a bit and let it rub on the tip. If you are set on duals, since you will have to cut a notch on the other side, another inch or 2 of trim on the drivers side shouldn't be a problem (as you've already "damaged" the bumper to make the second tip fit). Keep in mind that the Vreano exhaust requires an additional exhaust hanger on the passenger side and is NOT the same as the drivers side. That said, all the other exhaust hangers are the same. The final thing worth thinking about is that the Verano has secondary mufflers by the tips, and along with those are heat shields that have only 1 mount on the cruze body and all 3 on the Verano body (thus the brackets my dad made up).

@Blasirl - Without investing too much time into your question, there are only 2 ways of implementing such a system and both would require some small ammount of soldering or modification on your end. Also, money and car parts are good motivators...

I was able to do a final assembly of the front end, assemble the rear bumper with sensors (via jb weld), cut off and begin installation of exhaust tips, and an oil change.
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