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Burning 2 quarts oil every 1k miles, re-route kit pulling too much vacuum?

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This is a partial continuation of this thread Rich/smoke at start up, occasional burn smell, sluggish...

I mentioned I installed the pcv re-route v3 and ever since it seems like it's been burning oil, almost to the day since it was installed. I originally thought it was a coincidence with the valve cover I replaced at the same time, and discovering a crack in the turbo. Well now it seems like the re-route kit might be the culprit. The line coming out of the intake manifold and going to the turbo intake is absolutely covered in oil from end to end (on the inside). I can see the glue is still holding up in the intake manifold (where the red valve originally was) and is also covered in oil, so it shouldn't be a case of blowing intake pressure back into the crankcase.

Since installing the re-route kit I've installed a new turbo and virtually all seals accompanying it (coolant lines, oil cooler seals, etc.), and a new valve cover (the seal is still good and not sucking/blowing air).

I think at this point I may just install an oil catch can inline with the large pcv line. Any ideas why the pcv kit would cause such a dramatic change in crankcase vacuum that it's pulling oil out and burning it? Or alternatively why there's such an increase in oil vapor that is getting pulled through the piping? I thought the valve cover had an oil screen to catch and return oil and only allow air/vapors through the pcv system.

On a side note, what is the black cover with a hard, small line connecting to it, held on by three bolts on the turbo for? I've seen it referenced as a diverter valve, but not sure what it's function is. Is it a secondary waste gate of sorts?
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