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I'm having the same issue with my son's 2014 1.4T. New plugs. New ignition coil x2. #1 misfire and has blowed the 2nd coil and keeps blowing the 15amp injector fuse. Could a bad injector be the problem? I've also cleaned and reconnected all the ground wires I could find.
Hey. I’m not sure how to link or send you to the discussion I had. So I will try to copy and paste it. So sorry so long but this worked for me.
Ok. New update. I’m back looking at the coil. I checked my ohms on the ground- ok. I checked all the coil wires to see if I had short to power. 2,3,4 had around .024 volts. The #1 ( D pin , blue with Violet color wire ) had .130 volts and was Changing/dropping. After disconnecting the battery. I pulled the computer connector ( the middle one ) again. This time I found moisture around the #1 pin for #1 coil ( Blue with violet color wire ). However I did see some more around pin #14 a light blue wire. As Blueblurr had said the he had a wet connector plug on the sensor on the thermostat housing ( which is called engine coolant thermostat heater) and this is the same wire. Believe it or not, over time the coolant is getting pushed through the wire all the way to the computer connector. Not sure if I can buy just the heater or have to buy the whole thermostat housing Assembly. As I changed it out once already sometime ago. It comes with the thermostat sensor and gasket. Tomorrow I will also be cutting the wire from the sensor to the computer and soldering in a new wire because the new wire could be getting corroded and will give me problems later on as well or even have moisture in it that will get back to the computer and give me problems again. I will also clean the sensor connector as well as cleaning and drying out the computer connector. Looking at the pins on the computer they look to be OK. After that I will install Another new coil and hope for the best. Sorry so long but try to give as much detail to help everybody out. Hope it works. I’ll keep you updated as things go along any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I appreciate the help you guys been.
Today I took the computer connector apart. I found corrosion on number one pin for the #1 coil and #2 pin for #1 injector. Power was back feeding from the second pin to the first pin. Cleaned up all the pens in the connector and put back together. I clean the connector up for the center inside the thermostat housing. Then replace the light blue wire between the thermostat sensor and the computer connector. Replace the thermostat housing assembly with the sensor. Re-check my test and it all came out good I only had .015 volts. - all good. Put dielectric grease on all the connectors. Running good today will update after a couple days of running.


Hope this helps
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