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So my engine is determined to get rid of it's oil any way possible. With my catch-can PCV system all was good except having to empty the can every 2-3 driving days. Then, about a month ago, I started to notice it stumbling when first started after sitting.
The first time I ran the AC his year, I noticed consistent blue smoke coming out the exhaust. I was a little over my oil mileage (but have been adding oil) so I changed the oil and filter. The filter was squeezed down in the middle and was hard to pull off the plastic cage it was on. Afterwards, I went for a drive and, after it warmed up, it started smoking again and is worse with the AC on. Even with no PCV hooked up, it is burning oil out of the exhaust. It does not seem to do it after sitting so I do not think it is the valve seals. It will do it at idle when hot and after I let off the gas after a hard pull through 1st and 2nd. I would expect bad turbo seals to cause more smoke under load.

I have had a persistent P2261 error since last year so did not know I had a new error. I scanned and got P0597 Thermostat open circuit. I verified the resistance was wrong. It measured 640 when it should be closer to 15 ohms. Never got an overheat error and the guage was still at 1 hatch before half. I replaced the thermostat and cleared the codes but it still smokes. The catch-can also needs to be emptied every day now.
Would the slightly higher engine temps have caused a seal or something to break down?

Last October when I ran a compression test, it was 197,215,217,215 cold so I thought I was getting blow-by on that first cylinder. I thought that was overwhelming the separator in the valve cover and causing the catch-can to fill.
I just ran another compression test and got 214,215,215,214 cold and 209,209,209,209 hot. Isn't that good enough that I should not be getting blow-by or be burning oil past the rings?

Anyone have any ideas?
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