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Buy AMSOIL at Wholesale

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Alright, so you've probably heard me talk a lot about AMSOIL on this site before. You've probably also heard me talk about wholesale pricing, and maybe wondered why it's relevant, so I created this thread to explain 3 ways you can get a wholesale account, since there's not really a reason to pay full retail. You can get AMSOIL at wholesale cost (~25% under retail) in one of 3 ways:

1. Order a Preferred Account. Preferred accounts are $10 for a 6-month trial or $20 per year. Preferred accounts also pass on the savings to their family and friends, and usually split the cost of the account. After about $100 in purchases, the 1-year preferred account pays for itself. You can order a preferred account at the following link:
AMSOIL Preferred Account Registration

2. Become a dealer. AMSOIL dealer accounts are $15 for a 6-month trial or $30 per year. In addition to buying product at wholesale cost, dealers can also sell product to other people and get commission for their sales and purchases. This is a good opportunity for people to make a little bit of money on the side with the potential to grow a business. As your sponsoring dealer, I have the training plans and tools needed to help you succeed however far you wish to go with it. You can register to become a dealer at the following link:
AMSOIL Dealer Registration

3. Own a business. As an independent dealer, I have commercial or retail accounts available free of charge with no minimum purchase or monthly/annual fee. Commercial accounts use AMSOIL, while retail accounts resell AMSOIL through a "brick & mortar" storefront. These businesses can be anything from landscaping companies to computer repair shops with fleet vehicles, and everything in between.

For any questions, send me a PM here or send me an e-mail at [email protected]com
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This is awesome that you'd do that for us! I will consult my family/friends oil usage and probably take you up on the offer!
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