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I have a 2013 1LT and have done a few things to her if you don't already know. My main focus right now is trying to get a set of 18" ltz wheels. I'm not interested in trade at the moment as I would like to keep my 16" wheels to pair with good winter tires.
I'm in the Denver area and if you're close I would definitely try to negotiate something. I work at a dealership too so I may be able to help out with any work needed on your car for a lot cheaper.
I've been in search of these wheels since I got my car years ago and cannot get them cheap enough even with an employee discount through a friend at a Chevy dealership.
So if anyone is reading this and is willing to sell their 18" ltz wheels I will be willing to come up with a very fair deal.

I appreciate any help.


Edit: Even if you're not close and need to ship I will do my best to help out with any shipping costs.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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