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I noticed the two cars that have the lowest claimed MPG (Mazda, VW) from EPA did about as well in the C/D 400 mile trip as the other three that have higher claimed milage.
For example, both the Cruze and Mazda have 18 MPG on the 400 mile trip, but Cruze EPA is 24/36 and the Mazda EPA is 22/29. Hyundai missed its mark by quite a bit as well.
Makes you wonder if the new technology used to squeeze extra MPG out of conventional drive trains may work for EPA testing but not real world driving.
This is fairly well known. EPA testing is not very accurate, since the conditions they use are hardly real-world. Most people do not drive at a constant 55mph on flat terrain, but it is how cars are tested. Like that other thread from back when where EPA testers were told to test the car with the DRLs off, since it could produce a .05 mpg loss or something like that.
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