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C&D May'11: 5-Car Comparison article

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...the May 2011 issue of Car and Driver has a 5-car comparison article on pages 38-49; below are links to their "Side-by-Side Data" and "Summary":

...the 2LT Cruze tested did not come out very high...only 4th out of 5!
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^ I agree.

The focus was the winner, but man those Ford cars are so ugly. I'd feel embarrassed to be driving around in one of them.
They are probably on their forum saying the same thing about other cars... :rolleyes:

This test doesn't really say much though. If you are happy with your cares then who cars what the mags put out? Also there are still other cars that are just coming out to compare the segment against one another. I think MT will have a better article on them. Regardless of which one they choose at least the numbers will be posted.

Also... 25K for a Focus SEL?!?!!?
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