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C&D May'11: 5-Car Comparison article

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...the May 2011 issue of Car and Driver has a 5-car comparison article on pages 38-49; below are links to their "Side-by-Side Data" and "Summary":

...the 2LT Cruze tested did not come out very high...only 4th out of 5!
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I realize it is C&D and they are entirely performance oriented, but the best in class of 21 mph is pretty funny. For the most part there inst much to complain about. The only rating I really took exception to for the Cruze is the Features at 5 while the Focus has 10. Yes, it has the really cool Sync, but The Cruze has alot of functionality as well. Sync wont call you an ambulance either. Safety is not a top priority at C&D though. They always have medical staff on site for their comparos. :D
All this shows is this class is super competitive and there isnt much to choose between em. They chose not to run the old dogs in the Corolla and Civic, which will likely outsell the rest of the field combined...... This test was only for cool cars I guess.
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