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Cabin blower working intermittently now blowing only hot air

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I own a 2012 LT with 102000 miles. Over the past several weeks the cabin blower would work intermittently. Sometimes hitting a bump or opening and closing the glove box would actuate the blower with cold air blowing. At first I thought a loose connection, but after investigation nothing found. One day the blower worked but only hot air with AC running. Taken to dealer they told me that the compressor was damaged internally and the replacement cost would be $1700. Need AC so I will pay the bill, but I have to wonder how the compressor caused the intermittent blower and with no warning or abnormal noise the compressor is the cause. I hope this isn't an expensive Easter egg troubleshooting effort.
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I have the same feeling. They did ask if the negative battery cable had been replaced, and I said no. But to my knowledge that was not part of their fault localization process. I will stay optomistic and hope this fixes the problem; I will find out on Thursday afternoon.
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