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CALLING PRO AUTO PAINTERS: Question about painting plastic

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So I want to get my new Z Spec grille painted in gloss black. I took it to a local body shop and the guy looked at it and said immediately he won't do it. Said that textured plastic is impossible to have paint adhere to. And that it would eventually start chipping/peeling from rock chips. He said he would challenge any painter that would say other wise. And that he wouldn't do the work unless he could guarantee against that sort of thing.

Honestly I think he just didn't want to bother with the job but who knows if what he says has some truth to it.

Can I get some opinions from any pro painters?

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For the price you are going to pay, I would say try your hand at it first. You still have the fog inserts. I'm probably 15-20 minutes away if you want to try it. I have a can of adhesion promoter and I am assuming you have a can of gloss black. If you want to try, PM me and we'll work out a time and day.
Thanks for the offer. But got a good price from a body shop across the street from me, $100. Plus if I tried to paint it myself and it didn't come out to my liking I would have to spend the time to remove it for a respray. I am very picky! Lol
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