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Hi all!

I'm new to the community here.. in brief, after my Lancer VRX died.. I found a gorgeous 2012 SRI Cruze (1.4l Turbo).. high km's, though it was a good deal at the yard. and in amazing condition.

The rocker cover gasket had been replaced prior to it being sold at the yard by the yard's mechanic.

I purchased the vehicle, and noticed oil under the hood, then lots of oil. Back to the mechanic.. re-seated the gasket, and said he actually isolated that it was coming from what I learned was the Camshaft sensor.

He inspected and said he fixed it.. but I'm getting a LOT of oil in the area around there. It does seem that it indeed is leaking from there, however.. seeing as I'm new to these engines... Can just so much as bad seal, or failing sensor dump quite a bit of oil ??

I will attach some pics... I really genuinely like this car, I'd had friends warn me about the potential issues with some of these models..the mechanic reassured me it was a great car, and to not be anxious that it's a lemon.

Sorry to ramble, it's great to find this community.. so many threads out there sh$#ting on these cars, and I don't get it.. this thing feels premium compared to my lancer!

Anyway, would love your opinions on wether a significant oil leak can be caused just by these sensors alone.

Thanks so much everyone!

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No. Your issue is more likely an improperly installed valve cover gasket or timing cover gasket.

Did the mechanic clean the old oily mess up?

Thanks for the reply..

You're right, that's what the mechanic had said.. that it was improperly installed valve cover gasket (which he had done originally) He fixed it, cleaned up the oil etc. It did remedy some leaking oil into other parts of the engine, though the leak continues on the side I've photographed. I have since washed the engine twice... and within minutes there is some oil spraying around again in the areas shown.

I can clearly see some leaking oil coming from the cream coloured sensor (this is where he said the leak was found to be coming from) though I'm not experienced enough to say wether that much oil can be thrown just from this spot alone.

Down below, the rails are literally caked in fresh oil.

I'm sure it will be resolved, though seeing as I just purchased this a few days back, It's making me nervous and frustrated at the same time.

Might even take it to my local mechanic for a second opinion..

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I can tell by your pictures the cam position sensors are not installed properly. The Rtv the used is showing on both of them. That is not how to stop them from leaking. More over, who ever did it is an idiot. The oring makes the seal in the sensor bore hole. They tried sealing the mounting surface, no doubt making it leak more.
Hey mate, just logged in on my laptop and can't find the reply I sent you last night via the phone. Apologies if this appears twice.

I'm pretty green with these engines, how should the sensors be installed, and how would this contribute to the current oil leak? (I can only see oil seepage from the cream-coloured sensor from my photos above?)

Thanks... really helpful replies here!


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:eek::ROFLMAO: The cream colored sensors are the cam position sensors.

There is an oring inside, that is what keeps the oil in. By adding rtv to the mount it will push it sideways, and will never seal properly. Most people that come here for help don't have much experience, I get it.
Believe me, if you don't take the initiative with the repairs the shops will take you for a ride. I see it here almost every day.

Thanks for the response,

I've been a bit delayed checking the thread here.

Car is still at the shop, I took it back after that last post I made... Upon further inspection, I noticed that the oil was actually once again seeping from around the whole rocker cover/gasket..Just a bit more noticeable on the windscreen side, as it was collecting there, and the belts were understandable throwing it around.

Good news is (fingers crossed!) Mechanic suspected it could have been PCV valve,completely replaced the whole rocker cover, and when I spoke to him last night, he said he has had the car running up on the hoist for a good hour, and no leaks detected. (usually it would leak within minutes)

Here's hoping that's the answer.. I really do like this car, and on top of that, have started a job where I can use it as my vehicle.

Will find out more today.

Thanks for everyone's help!

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Good to hear. Keep us in the loop. (y)
Bit of an update :) ....

So, the good news is, they ended up replacing the whole rocker cover, as it was slightly warped (Holden confirmed this is a common issue), they suspected also the pcv valve being an issue... so that means now it all seals nicely, and no leaks!

However, upon a test drive by the mechanic... They found that the timing cover gasket was leaking. As I'm sure we all know, you disagnose one thing, and it reveals another weakness down the chain...

I was disappointed, but I'm also really glad all this is being discovered right now. It basically means I'm getting a whole heap of work done at no charge. I'm hoping this really nails it.

Again, this community has been incredibly helpful. I love this car and would love to have it for a good couple of years :)
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