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I have a '13 ltz with 88k miles. It has 100k powertrain warranty. I had the oil changed today, and the notes said "cam seals leaking." The service advisor said it is "seeping" and that it's not a leak. I had 6k on this oil change, and the dipstick still read on the full mark, so it can't be leaking much. Also, I didn't secure the filler cap securely about a month ago and it dribbled some oil around the filler neck which ran all over the top of the engine. With this in mind, I question whether my cam seals are really leaking.

So, given that my powertrain warranty will be up within a year, should I

  1. have the seals replaced under warranty
  2. ignore it since it's a minor leak and possibly not a leak at all
  3. wait and see if they note it on the next oil change
Honestly, I don't mind a small leak/seep if it doesn't require adding oil between changes. However, small leaks usually turn into big ones, and if I wait, I'll have to pay out of pocket for a fix. How invasive is changing these seals on the 1.4? I'd rather live with a small leak than take a chance on the dealer screwing something up on a major repair. What would you do?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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