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Camaro Frameless Mirror

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Someone sent me a private message about the auto dimming mirror I installed in 2016.

This person said they wanted to install the Camaro frameless auto-dimming mirror. I had never heard of a frameless mirror before, so I looked it up. These mirrors are beautiful. They don't have the black frame around the mirror, and the onstar buttons are capacitive touch and behind the glass. I think these were only installed on the Camaro ZL1 and the Corvette.

I did a little research, and I thought I would share what I found in case anyone wants to try this install. I think this mirror could look awesome in a Cruze.

There are some frameless mirrors for sale on eBay. If you want the auto-dimming feature, look for one with the sensor on the back. There are some that are not auto-dimming. I saw a couple for around $50.

I found out that the frameless auto-dimming mirror communicates over the GM LAN. I think this is where it gets the signals to let it know the car is on, which LEDs to turn on, and when it is in reverse (for the auto-dimming feature). I found this page on the Gen 5 Camaro forum. If you scroll down, someone posted schematics for the mirror in a Camaro.

Frameless Autodim Onstar Mirror - Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6 Forums -

I also found this post in a Sonic forum where someone posted a how-to guide for installing the frameless auto-dimming mirror. It looks like they got it to work in a Sonic.

Based on the schematic in the Camaro forum above, I think the pin layout for the frameless mirror plug in the Camaro looks like this:

Pin 1 = GM LAN
2= Not Used
3= keypad signal
4= Keypad supply voltage
5= Ground
6= Not Used
7= Not Used
8= ground
9= light switch signal
10= Run/Crank Ignition 1 voltage

The Cruze Pin Layout for the inside rearview mirror is this:

Pin 1 = Backup Supply Voltage
2= Run/Crank Ignition 1 Voltage
3= Keypad Signal
4= Keypad Supply Voltage
5= Ground
6= Keypad Green LED
7= Keypad Red LED
8-10= Not Occupied

If you don't currently have the auto dimming feature in your Cruze, I think you would need to add 4 wires. One wire for the GM LAN. One wire for the B+ voltage. One wire for the auto-dim ground and one wire for the switched light source. I am not sure what the switched light wire is for, or where you would get the signal. The guy in the Sonic Forum ignored the switched light wire.

It would be interesting to see if anyone could get this to work in a Cruze. I might try it someday, but no plans to do it now.
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So if our Cruze came with the auto dimming mirror, we would still need to make wiring changes to get the frameless autodim mirror to work?
So if our Cruze came with the auto dimming mirror, we would still need to make wiring changes to get the frameless autodim mirror to work?
Yes. The Cruze auto dim mirror uses a voltage signal from the backup lights to turn off the auto dim feature. The frameless mirror uses a LAN signal. From what I can see, the frameless mirror uses the LAN signal to turn it on, dim the lights, turn on the onstar LEDs and turn off the auto dim feature when in reverse.
Also, the wiring is slightly different. The Cruze mirror has the supply voltage on pin 2. The Camaro mirror has the supply voltage on pin 10. It wouldn't even power up without making some changes.
This mirror came in the Camaro if you had the 2SS option. My 2013 2SS/RS had it.
FWIW I’ve seen that frameless mirror also used in a 2018 XTS.
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