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Can I run my diesel on E85?

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I was looking for ways to cut down on fuel costs and came across sources on the Internet saying that diesel engines can burn 85% ethanol. I also found an anecdote from someone with a truck that accidentally filled with E85 and didn't even notice until he had used the whole tank. This leads to the question. Can I fill my Cruze with E85? If not, can I modify to run on E85?

The obvious incentive is that oil prices are probably not going down. Burning ethanol is going to be a lot cheaper if it can be done without ruining the engine.
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They will probably bring the X to the USA once it gets some real world miles under it. I think companies are afraid to try new things in the US because once it gets set in minds here about something it's hard to fix it. They wouldn't want the engine to get a bad reputation here. Hell, it took GM 30 years to bring back diesel in a sedan.
No one in the USA cares about fuel economy. Everyone wants trucks and SUVs. The first version of the engine is a 2.0 that's good in the smaller vehicles, and Mazda was supposedly working on a 3.0 turbocharged inline-6 for a new RWD version of the 6, and a new SUV based on that. Recent talk is that the RWD cars are basically canceled because reasons that don't really make sense.
The bottom line is you have to budget for fuel in your vehicle, since you can't change the price of fuel short of finding a station that sells it for less. Buying an EV doesn't much help you, because it'd take you almost 300,000 miles worth of Cruze Diesel fuel consumption to equal the price of buying something like a Bolt. Sure the cost to charge would be considerably less, but you pay for it all up front in the cost of the car.
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