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can you change the list of sms messages you can choose in handsfree mode?

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Title basically says it. I'd like to replace or add messages to the seemingly static list that comes up when you get a sms in the car. Also "sent from my cheverolet cruze" signature on them needs to go as well. Anyone pull that off?
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This probably doesn't answer your question, but this is all I found:

Setting up your phone with the Text Message Alerts feature
You can use the Text Message Alerts feature when you have successfully paired your phone with the infotainment system of your vehicle. This process varies with the device you have, but a generalized review for both the iPhone and Android devices is given here.

iPhone Devices
Link your phone with the infotainment system.
Access the menu which allows you to modify Bluetooth settings from your phone. Conduct a search for Bluetooth devices and your vehicle’s name will appear on the list. Next to this, an ‘i’ icon will be displayed. Select this and set Show notifications to enable.

Please note that this feature is enabled only after you start another ignition cycle. One more thing: if you turn off the engine and then initiate another cycle, wait for around 3 minutes.
The functionality of the Text Message Alert Feature also varies with the phone. For instance with an iPhone device, the radio system will allow you to access only messages that you receive during the current cycle.

Android Devices
Link your Android device with the infotainment system of your car.
As a connection is established, your phone might ask you for permission in order to access the contacts and the MAP profile. Agree to both the requests, and only then will you be able to use the Text Message Alerts feature.

Please note that whether your vehicle is moving or stationary, you can send a predefined message through the radio system.

From CourtesyChevyBlog
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i wish but seems no. i want a "im heading to work now" and a "im heading home"
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