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I'm looking for Wheels for my cruze but am having a hard time finding any that I like that ship from Canada without stupid shipping costs. I currently have the Stock 16" tires (R16/205 I believe)

I'm interested in black wheels, With the "tuner" styling to them, Canadian Tire did have a wheel I like but they recently just removed it from their site.

Does anyone know of a place in Canada/Ontario that sells aftermarket wheels? I've checked out Tdot and Canada Wheels but they either didn't have what I wanted or were going to charge $200+ for shipping.

Also, should I be looking for a wider than stock rim? I'm currently BNR tuned and can easily spin my iPike winter tires on a 1st gear pull. I plan on going with water/meth and bigger injectors shortly. Let me know what you guys think.
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