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Canadian with a 14' RS

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Hey, another noob from Goderich Ontario. Recently bought a 14 Cruze RS with only 42,000kms. There's a huge performance difference between this Cruze and my last 2 cars, a Grand Prix GTP and a Cobalt SS/SC. It's been a good car so far except the brakes are very spongy so I took it to the dealership and they said there's nothing wrong. I'm wondering if there's air in the system or is that how there suppose to be? Also, has anyone heard of or put a black widow muffler on a Cruze/Sonic? I'd like to have an idea of sound before I order anything. I'll post pics later when I can.
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Thanks, i'v found those links and some other good info on here. I have also done quite a few brake jobs, was just hoping the car didn't need new pads and rotors with only 40,000kms, maybe it does. Also, the back are disc too, it's a LTZ RS.
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