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Has anyone else had this problem?

It's locked my doors atleast a dozen more times!

Lucky only twice when it was running it was still in my driveway. I really don't trust the electronics in this car anymore. I now leave a door cracked when starting it, other times it's locked it's self overnight, other times its happen when I have my drivers door open and put the key in the ignition, its also done it if you open more than one door at a time.

Any more times it's going on the chopping block and rid myself before more electric grimlins start.
Hey there,

Have you considered bringing this to the attention of your dealership? If not, I would be happy to bring this to their attention for you. Please feel free to send me a private message along with your VIN, current mileage, contact information and the preferred dealership. Looking forward to your response.

Patsy G
Chevrolet Customer Care
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