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Car drives flawlessly, then creates a smoke screen out of nowhere at a stop light, then drives fine again/

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It's in the title. No idea what to do here.

It drives great, a bit of smoke on start up but nothing major.

This has happened twice now, Out of nowhere when sitting at a light, it'll smoke enough to fill the whole intersection and blind the person behind me. I pulled off the road the first time, but when i started driving again it felt perfectly normal. Happened after a little spirited driving.

Coolant is fine, no milkshake. Oil is new, water pump and gasket are new. Turbo is pretty old, but shouldn't it smoke all the time?

Codes are for o2s, maf, a camshaft actuator (which i replaced both, found a loose connector), and some others.
PCV 3.4 fix was installed, waiting on a new valve cover and gasket to fix the diaphragm

Only modification is a ram air intake.

Quick edit while i'm here:

Intermittently, the car will feel low on power, but then feel fine. Like it lags for a little with my foot down but then feels okay after giving it a sec.

This car is gonna make me pull my hair out lmao
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Well, it is possible you have already corrected the issue with the 3.4 kit. The source of the oil could also be the turbo seal. What is probably happening is the intercooler is filling with oil, and then intermittently coughs the oil up into the intake. I'd bet if you pulled the intercooler hoses you'd get about a quart out of it.
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Gonna try to pull the IC hoses at some point then.
check outlet side of the turbo was well make sure the rear seal at the turbine hasnt gone out on you.
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