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Car not starting

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Hi, sometimes mycruze doesn't start other times not a problem,changed starter but still same anybody else have this issue? Thanks
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Model year and trim please. This isn't a common issue but without knowing more it's hard to even guess.
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Have you recently changed the battery or do you drive a lot in corrosive environments? Check the cabling to the battery, especially the ground(s).
I have a 2014 and it dies every 12 - 16 weeks. The dealership has replaced 4 new batteries in the last year. They cannot find a draw or resolution.
That's unusual. But I think there is an issue with the Bluetooth in the factory radios. If you don't "end" the Bluetooth session when turning off the car, then the radio doesn't go to sleep and can drain the battery. An example of this is shutting down the car while still talking on the phone, but there might be other examples.

I've noticed a pattern in other reports that suggest the car may not go to sleep if it's not locked.

Are you having problems with false "door open" alerts? If the car thinks a door is open, it probably won't go to sleep.
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This is almost starting to remind me of the pass lock issue Malibu, Grand Am Cutlass had back in the early 2000s. The car thinks it is being stolen and will not fire/start but turns over. Does the car turn over just not start? In other words is it a "Crank no start" condition where it cranks but won't start. Do you have any lights on on the dash that would indicate a theft deterrent? If so, put the key in the ignition for @ 10 min in the on position and see if it starts then.
Let's get back to the basics. When you say "doesn't start" what exactly does it do? Crank but no fire? Completely dead?

In situations like this, the details of exactly what happens and doesn't happen is everything.
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