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Hello guys,

we live in Romania and a good friend of mine has some stressing problems with his 2009 Cruze (Europe), 2 litre, diesel engine, manual gear box. Sometimes the car doesn't start after being parked, some other days it functions with a lot of trepidations and he says that almost every day he has some mild shaking or trepidations when driving through the city. Sometimes the engine dies when he puts it in reverse, some other times when he goes forwards - with different drivers, it's not about his driving skills.

He has brought it to every authorized service and electrician in our city and the dealer made an online inquiry for details in the technical network of Chevrolet (if I understood correctly). No results and most strangely, no error codes are displayed at the service. He as already put it twice on a platform and brought it to service but after unloading there it started working. As I said, it reported no error codes.

He has already changed the battery, diesel filter, reinstalled software, changed an abs sensor, checked the wiring and contacts, checked the electromotor (electric motor?).

My only idea is to buy an OBD2 cable, connect his Windows pc/tablet and drive with it, so he can see in real-time any problems that might occur (freeze frame). Is there any software capable of something like this, affordable for private users, that contains most, if not all, the error codes and systems of the Cruze? We don't want to start buying stuff and see that it is not working.

Has anyone encountered something like this? Any other ideas?

Many thanks,
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