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I have a Chevy Cruze 1.6l 124hp 2012. It has been running slow since I bought it and I thought that it was just how the car runs.
After trying out another one with the exact same year and engine I noticed a big difference between the acceleration and also mileage per gallon.
I got a check engine light that lasted 3-4 days about week ago, but before I was able to read the code it had dissapeared by itself and I noticed that the car ran a lot better for a while. I thought it just fixed itself somehow but now the next day its back to being slower and there is no code or anything.
Sometimes it feels like it just wont go up in speed. Even though I put it on low gear and floor the pedal.
The RPMS are in sync with the acceleration

What ive tried:
Changed the sparkplugs

Checked the MAF sensor, I cleaned it with MAF sensor cleaner. Also tried unplugging it and driving the car without it The car ran exactly the same and I didnt get any error codes. Is this normal?

Checked the clutch

when I bought the car I got a check engine light after a month and the dealer fixed it for me and said that they changed the VVt solenoid sensor.

Done oilchange and filter every 4-6 months and I dont drive that mutch.

Car has done about 56000 miles in this moment.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I havent changed the Maf sensor yet but I got an engine code again. I'm suspecting that it's the same one that I got before.
Code P0014:
B camshaft position timing over - Advanced or system performance bank 1.

Now I've looked online that this might be the solenoid valve or sensor.

Could it be that they have changed the timing belt and installed it wrong ? And that this in turn causes oil to get dirty quicker and cause these faults?
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