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Just typed my VIN in google and received this free report.

[h=1]Decode Results ( 1G1PM5SC6C7221145 )[/h]
make: Chevrolet
model: Cruze LT
model year: 2012
engine type: 4 cylinders
body: Passenger Car
style: Sedan
fuel: Gasoline
safety: Du Ar Bgs FrntHdSd/ActBlts/AtoPassSnsr/RrDuSdArBgs
mpg: miles/gallon
wheelsize: R
manufactured in: LORDSTOWN, OHIO United States

Doesn't say anything about a minor scratch on the rear bumper, several others popped up, but they want money. And they can only report what was reported. Can't believe anything you read nowadays, while a mechanical odometer can be reset, and electronic one can be reflashed, actually a lot easier than the mechanical ones.

When I 2012 was totaled by a drunk, besides looking for a new vehicle, looked at hundreds of used ones, ha, try to find one at a dealer that is marked at NADA, Edmunds, of Kelly suggested retail prices. But this is what those crooked insurance companies go by. Then they try to sell you a maintenance plan for around 3,000 bucks that has more exclusions you can shake a stick at.

When I was buying used vehicles, for nine kids, wanted to bring them to my garage so I could check them out myself. Learn what it needs, get on the internet, add up the parts cost, give myself a buck an hour for labor, and deduct that off the so called NADA price, you would be surprised at the number of dealers that would take this deal, even well below trade in. But a lot of extra work, also had to considered the cost of collision and comprehensive insurance for a kid.

For me, is actually cheaper to buy a new one, least getting a six year BB warranty and a ten year PT, look at the time more than the mileage. And not a better time to buy a new vehicle than right now, clearing out all the 2016 models, if you can find something on the lot that suits you. And even in Central Wisconsin, not the most crowded space in the world, they are way overloaded with new inventory. This country is not as great as shape as some liars are saying.

Safety checks are worthless, okay as long as the wear indicators are not touching, four new rotors, rebuilt calipers, pads, already up to four hundred bucks worth of parts, single drive belt systems, add up the cost just for tensioners and new bearings, marginal exhaust, okay, no leaks, up to 1300 bucks, and these are just the more common items. And doing all the work yourself. Looked at Subaru Outback with a timing belt with 64 K on it, could already tell it was not changed. 460 bucks just for the kit at the best internet prices.

Ha, difficult to even find a mechanic that kept up with this new electronic stuff, salesman are even worse, don't even know how to open the hood or where the gas cap is locate.
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