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First off, awesome website, really impressed with the wealth of knowledge and feeling of community here. First time post, and I'm sorry it's a rather lengthy rant and request for help. I did however, PM XtremeRevolution with my spark plug gap info a few weeks ago, and thanked him for all his efforts in helping us out with that and the other things he has posted on. So...

Bought a new 2012 Cruze a month ago (LT1 MT). 2 days after bringing it home, I noticed the bottom of the rear bumper appeared to be bent just to the right of center, near the mounting point. Just looked like someone had climbed underneath the car and bent the bottom of the bumper down about 2-3 inches. The weather stripping/trim around both passenger side windows also were curling up like bacon. Took it back to the dealership that day, they sent it to their body shop, and they decided it needed a new bumper. They had to order the new bumper and window trims, so they gave me the car back, and called me almost 2 weeks later when the bumper and window trims got in. Dropped the car off last Tuesday morning, and got a call back on Friday that the car was fixed and ready to be picked up. Later that afternoon, on the way to the dealership with the wife, she was talking about the Cruze fire recall and wondered if they took care of that as well while they had the car in their possession. When we got there I asked the service guy if they had heard about the fire recall, and he indicated he had, he looked up our car and indeed it needed to be seen for said recall. He was apologetic that he hadn't thought to get it done while it was there, and offered to keep it over the weekend and get it done Monday (the dealership has given us a rental car for the duration that they've had our Cruze). We agreed to leave it with them, and on the way out of the office I asked him, just to confirm, if everything was taken care of with the rear bumper and passenger windows, he said yes that everything was taken care of....

When we were leaving the dealership, we drove around the back side of the lot and spotted our car parked. I told the wife to park so we could take a peek at the repairs done. Window trims looked good, but when I went to the rear bumper, a bumper that was supposedly replaced with a new bumper, it was still OBVIOUSLY bent down in the same place, UGGHHH! So of course the service guy came over while we were looking at it, and I showed him and he agreed it was still bent like the first one. I told him, that none of the other 10+ Cruzes on his lot were like mine, and that this wasn't going to work for us. I surmised to him, that it was possibly the right side mounting bracket, that the lower bumper fastens to, was bent and forcing the bumper to protrude the way it was. I really can't think of any other way 2 different and supposedly new bumpers were bent/misformed in the same manner.

So they still have my Cruze, the service guy called me today, and told me that the body shop is going to attempt to bend/adjust the mounting bracket on the right side to see if that fixes the appearance that bumper is bent down. They didn't get it over to the body shop until 3pm today, cause they had difficulty doing my fire recall, because according to him it was more involved/difficult than the other automatic transmission Cruzes they were working on today. And now I'm thinking, why would the mounting bracket be bent, and could my vehicle had been involved in some sort of accident between manufacturing and delivery, or while it was in the dealers hands presale??? Everyone at the dealership has been very apolgetic and assuring that it will be made right. Honestly though, with them failing to get the recall done without my prompting, AND more importantly, them not quality checking the OBVIOUSLY STILL BENT rear bumper BEFORE calling me to pick it up, I've been left with little confidence in my dealers service department.

So fellow Cruzers, my question is, do any of you have the ability to run a Carfax report, so my wife and I can rest assured we weren't sold a brand new wrecked car? On the off chance there is someone out there that can accomodate my request, my email is [email protected], and the VIN of our Cruze is as follows:


Thanks in advance for any help,

That sucks man! Hopefully they'll be able to make things right for you once and for all. Nothing like spending your hard earned money on something and it's not meeting your expectations. But best of luck with the end result. I noticed your forum name; pretty cool. I'm a huge 49ers fan as well. I think I'm still upset with Kyle Williams for fumbling away our chance at a trip to the Superbowl! Anyway, are you from Cali/San Fran or just a fan? See ya around the forum, peace!
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