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Cargo Net Hook Part# Found

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Finally found the hook only. Retainer, Convenience 96349663. Categories Accessories>Interior Assemblies NET PKG/CONVENIENCE
Here is a pic of the hook and the plug(s) they replace. List price is $4.23 I have 4 and will add 2 more to the very back/front below the hook for the truck latch. I am using a net I took from our 2007 Chev Uplander. Threaded portion is about 20 mm or 13/16" long
Screw Fastener
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Hmm, I never thought about a net before but it could be handy. Has anyone ever tried stealing one out of a Sunfire/Cavalier? I recall from when I was in the scrap yard practically every one had one.

If no one has, I might try the experiment once it gets warmer....
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