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My dealership offers Castrol BOT 402 Synthetic Transmission fluid, has anyone switched to this, and can give me any reveiws?
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It is the same thing it comes from the factory with.
Thats what I was expecting, but did not want to hear. Any suggestions on the exact fluid to use? If it would viod my warranty than I would have to get it done somewhere other than the dealer, correct?
Quite a few of us like Amsoil Synchromesh. It's a close match for viscosity, and shifts better hot and cold.

How-to on how to change it:
If you ask the dealership for the oem factory fill using the cruze manual gm part # for the manual transmission which the manual says is castrol bot 402 you will get a bottle of acdelco bot 303. I replaced my manual transmission oil at 100k with the bot 303 and my shifts are very smooth and fluid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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