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Hi All,

My 14 cruze diesel is not well. I had the car since new currently at 50K miles.

So here is the run down all happened over the weekend as I went on a 100 mile road trip. Car had no issues prior, but for the past 3 years I was drivng in the city I figured a fuel injector cleaner could not hurt. I was wrong.

49370 new tank of diesel (from a random BP station) + 20 Oz of Techron® Diesel. road trip. highway speeds, varying elevation.
49400 change fuel filter message came on. Fuel filter was changed last summer @ 42093. Some time after this I notice that car became sluggish, on highway. Because I noticed this on my way back I tried to go a little faster. Going on an uphill I floored it it would not go past 60 mpg and higher than 4K rpm. after a minute of driving like this the following happened:
49457 CE came on. reduce powers message. message to shut down the engine. The car basically coasted me to 0 and the engine turned off by itself. after a mineute I was able to restart and get home the rest of the way (may be 50 miles)
Once I got home I conected obd II scanner to reveal code is P2428 exaust gas temp too high. bank one. See freez frame data below. After about an hour of car sitting I went for a drive where I was not able to repeat the issue. I drove the car in 2nd gear at 4K rpm (40-45 ish mph) for 5 minutes the temperatures did not go anywhere near 800C at Idle I get 185C. neutral 2K rpm egt 195 C.

Please help me troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Selected freeze frame data.

Freeze frame @49457
Load pct 99.6
Ect F° 226
Map kPa 246.0
Rpm 3797
Vss km/h 93
Mad (g/s) 131.05
Obdsup obd&obdi
Runtime (sec) 2163
Fli (%) 87.1
Warm_ups 108
Clr_dst (km) 4310
Baro (kPa) 98
Vpwr(v) 11860
Aat (°c) 27
App_d(%) 85.1
App_e(%) 85.1
Feel_typ dsl
Fuel_timing(°) 16.43
Fuel_rate (l/h) 30.25
Gpl_stat OFF
IAT 11 (°C) 30
IAT 12 (°C) 35
IAT 13 (°C) 157
EGR_A_CMD(%) 0.0
EGR_A_ACT(%) 0.0
EGR_A_ERR(%) 0.0
FRP_A_CMD(kPA) 160000
FRP_A_(kPA) 32970
FRT_A(°C) 44
Bp_a_cmd(kPa) 250.59
BP_B_CMD(kPa) 0.00
Vgt_a_cmd(%) 36.5
Vgt_a_act(%) 36.5
Vgt_b_cmd(%) 0.0
Cact 11(°c) 67
Dpf1_dp(kPa) 37.10

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Did you pour the whole bottle in?

I would go out and buy another 5 or 6 gallons of diesel and put in the tank to dilute down the cleaner. I assume it will clear out as more diesel is added to reduce the mixture. The CEL should clear after a few drive cycles if the temperatures come back into range.

Just a tip, over the past 100k miles I've ran a premium diesel that has an additive package (injector cleaner, improved lubricity, improved cold weather starting) and have had great luck.

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I'd follow the advice from the post above and avoid using anything like this in the future. From what I recall, GM doesn't recommend using any additives as they simply aren't required. Unless you're running some bootleg Diesel fuel, most fuels you're going to buy at a station have everything the Cruze Diesel will need.
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