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Cel p11dc

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At 22k miles I got this code. I couldn't find it on the internet. The dealer said it is a leaking air cleaner duct. They replaced it no charge. I'm hoping the light stays off.
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Gonna bump this thread ... Got CEL yesterday morning, same P11DC, phone doesn't have details for it. No real fuel smell, but have have noticed a solid 5mpg loss based on what would be "normal" for me. (Usually 49-50mpg per 25miles straight highway, now lucky to hit 45mpg..)

Car goes in tomorrow. Again. 6th time in only 18k miles !
Ok so dealer just called and told me a/the knock sensor failed. Not sure if/how that's related to P11DC ?

Would make sense though with loss in mileage as I'm sure motor is in limp mode.. Will try to log it to verify for my own sake.

Told me to pick the car up while they wait for the part, claims its ok to drive for now based on GM tech. I'm not risking fouling out the exhaust system again, so probably DD the racecar for now ..
Are you sure they said KNOCK SENSOR and not NOx sensor? Sounds the same. Could be a misunderstanding. Just wondering.
Funny thing is when he called I said KNOCK or NOx ? And he said no, knock is in knock on the table ... So I said well wtf do I know, I'm new to the whole clean diesel world anyway.

It's possible he misunderstood the tech. As long as the guy with the wrench knows what he's doing then we're good lol otherwise I'm SOL!
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My dealer did the same. The mechanic installed a nox sensor, the office help typed knock sensor in their computer. The service manager told me they replaced the "knock sensor". I questioned him that I thought it would be nox he said he didn't know.
As you and many others stated, service rep misunderstood. It was in fact a failed NOx sensor. Had it replaced under warranty. Maybe I'll make it more than 1k miles before the next CEL lol although I test drove a '14 sonic for the time being... Man did I miss my Cruze!

Well now I don't feel quite so annoyed ... got my 3rd CEL tonight, at 18,800 miles.

I'm already thinking I'd better get the extended warranty on this car when my 3 years is up from GM.
I actually did get an extended warranty when I bought the car b/c I had a feeling being a first gen Cruze diesel in the U.S. I would run into problems. Didn't think I'd be a regular at the shop lol
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