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Cel p11dc

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At 22k miles I got this code. I couldn't find it on the internet. The dealer said it is a leaking air cleaner duct. They replaced it no charge. I'm hoping the light stays off.
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2014 Chevrolet Cruze 2.0L Eng Diesel

Circuit/System Description

The reductant system uses two nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors to monitor the amount of NOx in the engine's exhaust gas. The first sensor is located at the outlet of the turbocharger and monitors the engine out NOx level. The second NOx sensor is located after the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and monitors NOx levels downstream of the SCR.
Each NOx sensor contains a sensing cell, a pumping cell and a heater. A sample of exhaust gas passes through a diffusion gap between the sensing cell and the pumping cell. The NOx sensor maintains a constant reference voltage across the sensing cell. An electronic circuit within sensor controls the pump current through the pumping cell in order to maintain a constant voltage in the sensing cell. The amount of current required to maintain the reference voltage in the sensing cell is proportional to the concentration of NOx in the exhaust.
The ECM varies the amount of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or reductant added by varying the reductant injector duty cycle in response to changes in engine exhaust out NOx levels.
The smart NOx sensors consist of two components, the NOx module and the NOx sensor element that are serviced as a unit. A circuit or performance condition with a NOx sensor is detected by the NOx sensor module. The smart NOx sensor module communicates the condition to the ECM over the serial data line. The ECM sets a DTC when a serial data message is received from the NOx sensor module.


  • DTCs P064C, P163C, P220A, P220B, P22A3, P229E, U029D and U029E are not set.
  • The EGT sensor 3 is between 100-600°C (212-1112° F).
  • The engine speed is greater than 600 RPM for 5 minutes.
  • The battery voltage is greater than 11 V.
  • NOx sensor 1 and NOx sensor 2 status shows activity.
  • The fault exists for more than 3 events during a key cycle.
  • The DTC runs continuously when the above conditions are met.
Any chance you could post this information for P11D7 as well? I've been trying to locate the cause of that code on my vehicle, but all I can get is that it generally has something to do with a NOX sensor, but no data as specific as this.

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Here ya go, Rev!

Thanks - now to get on to the diagnosing.

Since this says it refers to NOX2, I know where to look, and I suspect it might have something to do with the repair I made to the Particulate Matter Sensor a couple months back. The two are right next to each other and their wires run back to the harness together. I didn't re-secure the wires after replacing the Particulate Matter Sensor, (the routing seemed safe without it) so perhaps something got pinched or the road vibration wore through the insulation and caused a short to ground.
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