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Cel p11dc

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At 22k miles I got this code. I couldn't find it on the internet. The dealer said it is a leaking air cleaner duct. They replaced it no charge. I'm hoping the light stays off.
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P11D7 is a NOX sensor calibration signal problem. I cant help with a P11DC. Sorry.
The paperwork from the dealer said. "Check engine light is on - Cau diagn dtc P11DC, ,test per PIP5135 Found leaking air cleaner outlet duct." Replace duct assembly.
It seems to be fixed now.
Great. Thanks for the follow up. Did you notice any fuel type smells in the car especially at idle ?
Nothing abnormal, however, I thought the mileage was a little lower than normal.
Gonna bump this thread ... Got CEL yesterday morning, same P11DC, phone doesn't have details for it. No real fuel smell, but have have noticed a solid 5mpg loss based on what would be "normal" for me. (Usually 49-50mpg per 25miles straight highway, now lucky to hit 45mpg..)

Car goes in tomorrow. Again. 6th time in only 18k miles !
Sorry to hear. I'm at 32k 1-O2 sensor, 1-NOX and the air duct. Good luck.
My dealer did the same. The mechanic installed a nox sensor, the office help typed knock sensor in their computer. The service manager told me they replaced the "knock sensor". I questioned him that I thought it would be nox he said he didn't know.
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