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Cel p11dc

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At 22k miles I got this code. I couldn't find it on the internet. The dealer said it is a leaking air cleaner duct. They replaced it no charge. I'm hoping the light stays off.
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Ok so dealer just called and told me a/the knock sensor failed. Not sure if/how that's related to P11DC ?

Would make sense though with loss in mileage as I'm sure motor is in limp mode.. Will try to log it to verify for my own sake.

Told me to pick the car up while they wait for the part, claims its ok to drive for now based on GM tech. I'm not risking fouling out the exhaust system again, so probably DD the racecar for now ..
I'm going to, after reading the thread, redefine (if needed) that the dealer probably called you to say the NOx sensor failed….that was likely interpeted as the 'Knock Sensor' failed……and reported as such.

As a tired old wrench, we call the component (phonetically) a 'Knocks' sensor……as opposed to a Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) content sensor.
I guess this can easily be confused with a 'Knock Sensor' which is a vibration reading component found in gasoline engines.

Kinda funny to read though.
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