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"Certified" Dealer Nightmare - Sabotaging/breaking and problems

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First let me say that the dealership has caused me more stress lately than a job working fast food. This dealership had good reviews which is why I bought the car from them, they said they are even certified. But this dealership is doing nothing but wrecking my car. Let me put some things they did:

  1. They allowed me to drive the car with the driver side braking system completely seized, when they said the brakes were good. I noticed it after I changed the brakes myself after I had it serviced. They brakes were far from "good" by the way. They were unsafe to drive on, and the rotors were breaking apart on the inside where it was extremely rusted.
  2. They skipped changing the oil one time. I didn't notice until 10,000 total miles were actually driven. May have been on accident, but still shouldn't have happened as that's what I went there for under a warranty change.
  3. The dealer sabotaged/broke my door lock so once it's locked you cannot open it from the inside using the handle to unlock it, only the outside after the handle is pulled. I have no proof of this, but I know for a fact they did it. Not sure how to fix this, and I don't want to go back to them. This happened after I complained to them about problems they made.
  4. The dealer wrecked my oil drain plug by applying so much pressure you could not get it off by hand. The plug was also rounded off. Their the only ones that serviced my car for an oil change until I went to try it myself.
  5. Dealership claims to fill liquids when they actually don't. I see this every time after I check it myself right after it's serviced.

I'm sure they're doing this type of stuff to other vehicles they service also. I was told to post this information here for a GM rep to see, although I'm not really sure what to expect from that..maybe to see what my options would be for the dealership? I paid 16k for the car, and their wrecking it.

The car is a 2013 Chevy Cruze 2LT.
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You're very articulate, and obviously well-educated, but you did not mention what kind of car.
Sorry, forgot to add that. 2013 Chevy Cruze
Know of four Chevy dealerships in my area like this, what they have in common is new remodeled huge show rooms, at service waiting center with comfortable seating, large screen TV, free WiFi, and coffee. What they don't have is good service.

Found one in a small town that looked very closely like this one.

They had very good service.
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Know of four Chevy dealerships in my area like this, what they have in common is new remodeled huge show rooms, at service waiting center with comfortable seating, large screen TV, free WiFi, and coffee. What they don't have is good service.
Sounds like the one I got my car from. They were remodeling when I got the car, I was even offered donuts and such.
Haha, the dealership I just bought my Cruze from just finished up their big remodel about 2 years ago, if that, and now I'm hearing they are bankrupt because of the owner and it now either might be closing down or being bought out by the other local Chevrolet dealership in the area. FML!! I hadn't heard too many good things about their service department anyway!!

Chevrolet really does have seemed to drop the ball when it comes to making sure the service departments at its dealerships are up to par with the new and exciting vehicles they are putting out on the road these day.
There is a problem with the "Certified" moniker. When I was car shopping, there was no external definition for this and there was no external service ranking that the consumer could reference. With all of the reported service problems that were being posted on various sites, I felt it was an issue that I didn't want to deal with. After nearly five years, the situation doesn't seem to have changed much.
This is an exact satellite view of the dealer I found that gives great service. Used Bing, but too small of a town to get 3D views.

View attachment 173818

Its not that red roof L shaped building on the top, but just that silver roof building below, Parts is a door on the left hand side, have to walk outside to get their around the corner. Main service is in the center, and that silver like square on the right is where the new and used car sales are.

Where are the new and used cars at? on the main highway about a half a mile north of the sales department as shown in the lower photo.

Can't meet a bunch of nicer helpful people typical of a Wisconsin small town, and all of the mechanics are on the older side. We have interesting conversations, even let me in the shop so I can help them. Dealers in town, your vehicle disappears someplace, probably in a wrecking yard behind all those nice walls. Think its a wrecking yard, because only wrecking yards, wreck cars.
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