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Chances of blowing my motor?

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I was talking to my friends about tuning like always and told them I was thinking on installing the Trifecta Tune onto my 2011 1.8l LS automatic Cruze. Now, I'm currently running a Cold Air Intake, and magnaflow cat back exhaust system. Now, what are the chances my motor will blow? Don't figure I'd be running too much horsepower or torque, figure a 1.8l ecotec engine could handle running it. But I want other Cruze owners to help out. I drive my car heavily and the only reason I bought it automatic was because it was a used car and a fantastic price ahaha, wish I knew more about cars at the time so I could've picked up a 1.4t but anyways, thanks for the help!
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Very low. We have had some engines fail after installing a Trifecta tune, but it was individual component failures vs. a blown engine. Trifecta was very careful to not exceed the engine's capabilities.
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Most if not all the engines that had issues after tunes were ones that would have exhibited signs of #PIP5036: Possible Oil Consumption With Cracked Piston or Pistons later on in life. Tune helped you identified it before you got to the end of powertrain warranty IMHO. Either that or they were too lazy to diagnose the turbo failure was blocked oil line and just felt like blaming aftermarket parts and tune.

In short, tune accelerated wear to already faulty parts in most cases the 1.8 didn't show issues to.
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