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So I changed my stock bulbs to these: SYLVANIA H13 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Pack of 2): Automotive

I have the 2013 LS.

I got the lights adjusted as best I could. Usually for me personally either the low beams are a little too low and the brights are fine, or the low beams are perfect and the brights go straight up into the air.

My lights with the old bulbs were adjusted WAY TOO low so that's why I needed to raise them. However, now that I installed them, I notice a distinct line of light on the left side of the ray that shines out, like it isn't a natural ray, like it's shining onto something solid I don't know how to describe it, here's a horrible drawing:

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Circles are the headlights shining outward. Where the arrow is pointing is where I see a pretty solid line of light. I noticed my headlamps have little slits in them for design or something, just curious if this is normal for all bulbs/lights and I just never noticed it because my lights were pointed straight down or if I did something wrong installing the bulbs?

Thank you!

Edit: Also, is there anyway to clean out the inside of a headlight lamp without removing the entire ******* bumper and everything? There is significant dust particles that are clearly visible but they're inside of the lamp and I can't clean it.
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