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As some of you may have noticed, both BNR and ZZP have stopped selling catless downpipes now. It's to my understanding they are now illegal for any car with a VIN. What I didn't realize is that tuners may also soon not be able to tune our cars... They also cannot tune the CEL out for a missing Cat. I know this is somewhat political, but it is what it is. Really important if you believe we should still be able to receive tune updates to check out this link if you live in the USA.


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Some agency is always out to try and take something away. Good man keeping the word goin.
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The RPM act will never happen. Nor should it. Too many people profited on the whole "For offroad use only". One certain delete company did literally thousands of tunes..... And you know how many were for offroad?


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If you want an RPM act complain to your district state senator. State laws giving middle fingers to federal rules are the only way you'll get stuff like this.
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