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Cheap Antenna Alternative

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I was in Advance Auto today picking up a spark plug gapper, when I came across this antenna. Considerably shorter than stock. Material is aluminum and carbon fiber. Antenna comes with several threads to adapt to the car.

Price $13.00.

Reception on XM, AM/FM, and Onstar are functioning fine with no issues.

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Not bad. I'd prefer all-aluminum, or maybe black aluminum since I'm not feeling the adhesive carbon fiber print, but the shape of the unit is nice.
Not bad.
not bad. although I dont like the aluminum part, but thats just my opinion.

I replaced mine with a stubby antenna similar to this :

If I remember correctly, its about 3" more or less.
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That's not bad either! I just figured why not give it a try for the price!
You got a pic on the car Phantom?
@ Mick

I don't have one at the moment.

Will try to take one and post it soon as I can, am kinda neck deep with work stuff right now. :cwm14:
Phanton how is the reception with that stub? Is it threaded inside? I know you're overseas but did you order it from a website? Thanks!
@ 4piecekit

Reception is the same as with the original whip antenna. no signal loss or whatever.
Its threaded inside and comes with three screw type adapters, one of which fits the Cruze's antenna base.

I got it from a local auto accessories shop for about the same price as the OP's. :)

I like the antenna, mafia. I like aluminium things. Can you give us more info about it, like the brand or part number?
im thinking to try to put the WIFI access point antenna , maybe it will fit :)
sorry for the late update.

anyhow, here are pix of the stubby antenna I installed
it has a small gap where the base and the stub antenna meets but it doesn't bother me, plus it has totally no effect on the signal reception.

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That's cute lol

Think I'll stick to my free mod.
That's cute lol

Think I'll stick to my free mod.
What is the free mod Mick?
Well I was going to do a video how to but I'll do my best to explain. First grab antenna, then twist counter clockwise about 20 times. Store in a safe place. :p

Please note, I don't care for radio or xm or onstar. Do at your own risk. Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Mode of transport Mid-size car
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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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